How quickly will you ship my order?

We want you to receive your Stonebridge soap fast so you can start enjoying it right away! We package and ship our orders as soon as possible, within two business days from the order date. Orders placed early often make it to the post office that same day.

Where can I find you in person?

Come visit us at local markets! You'll always find either owner / maker Bonnie or her husband Kyle ready to serve you. Check out our 'Find Us' page for a complete list of upcoming markets we are participating in. **All 2020 markets have been cancelled**

Can you make custom soap for my wedding / shower / party favours?

While we have done so in the past, our custom order program is currently on hold. 

Do you wholesale?

We wholesale select soap and sugar scrub varieties. For more information, please get in touch with Kyle at salesguy@stonebridgesoap.com ***Wholesale soap is made to order and requires a minimum of 5 weeks lead time. Let us know if you have any questions. 

What are your shipping rates?

We offer $15 flat rate shipping within Canada, and reduced rates for those who spend over $100 (Canada). Rates outside of Canada are calculated based on item weights, and do not include any taxes or duty that you may be responsible for upon delivery. Find out more about our shipping options here. 

Is there discounted shipping for delivery to Winnipeg?

Yes! We are pleased to offer local delivery on orders of $15 or more before taxes. Select our local delivery option at checkout for $10 delivery to your home. Please note that with this shipping option, packages are left at your door unattended. Deliveries may also happen anytime between 9am and 9pm, as time permits. If having a parcel left unattended isn't something you're comfortable with, please select standard shipping for delivery through Canada Post. We offer $15 flat rate shipping within Canada and reduced rates for large orders! If local delivery is selected and you either do not live in Winnipeg, or your order is not eligible, we will get in touch with you to make alternate arrangements.

Wait! Why doesn't my product look exactly the same as the picture online?

Our products are all made, packaged and labeled by humans, by hand. While every effort to maintain consistency in appearance is made, no two products are going to be exactly alike! Even within the same slab of soap the design will vary. What we can promise though is that, while they may not look 100% alike, they are all made with exactly the same care and quality ingredients. Variation is part of the beauty of handcrafted products!

Does your soap expire?

Not exactly. Our soap is made using the cold process method and are considered true soap, made from natural oils. It is not detergent based like many commercially available soaps. By processing soap this way it retains it's natural glycerin which is great for your skin. This process also allows our soap to contain 'free oils' – meaning, there is a percentage of oils intentionally not converted to soap during the making process. These oils are left 'free' in the soap for the moisturizing qualities they impart on your skin. The oils not converted to soap can go rancid after their expiration, just like your cooking oils at home, and may result in a change in colour or scent of your bar. The soap is still safe to use. For best results though, we suggest storing the bar in a cool and dry spot (like a linen closet) until ready to use, and using the soap within one year of purchase.

What is your return policy?

Due to the personal and hygienic nature of our products, we cannot accept returns. If we send you the incorrect product in error, we will gladly fix our mistake! We want happy customers. If you have any concerns please send a note to hello@stonebridgesoap.com and give us the chance to make it right. 

While every effort is made to respond to email correspondence within 24 hours, please be understanding if your reply does not come as quickly. 

Why does your soap cost so much more than 'regular' soap I buy at the drugstore?

Our soap differs from 'drugstore' soap in a number of ways – First and foremost, the ingredients we source are of the highest quality, many of which are organic, non-gmo, ethically sourced and / or food grade. Many of our products also use quality essential oils as part or all of their fragrance component – Essential oils are very costly, but provide beneficial qualities to your skin making them a worthwhile expense. Of course, we are also a small handmade business! This means we just don't have the purchasing power of a large corporation and we pay more for our raw ingredients. We craft everything with our own hands, without the use of machines or assembly lines, and in small batches. This means we only produce a limited amount of quality product at any given time.

Our soaps never contain lathering agents or chemical stabilizers. The naturally occurring glycerin is not removed from our products for other uses, so the soap retains it's humectant properties resulting in soft and moisturized skin. We're confident that if you try it you will love it, and your skin will feel the difference!

Thank you for shopping Canadian made, Manitoba local, and supporting our modest working wage.

Do you use palm oil? Aren't you concerned about the ethical issues around it / loss of Orangutan habitat?

Yes, we do use palm oil. We use it in almost every one of our soaps – It has amazing soap crafting properties. We are animal lovers too though, and are very concerned with the plight of the Orangutan who have suffered devastating loss of habitat through clear cutting of forests to make way for palm plantations. Palm oil comes primarily from Indonesia and Malaysia – Ours comes from Malaysia. In 2010, the Malaysian government pledged to maintain at least 50% of the nations land as forest cover to preserve animal habitats. We only purchase oil which is considered sustainable by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), who has worked with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to ensure that RSPO oil does not come at the expense of wildlife habitat. Our belief is that by purchasing RSPO certified oil, we can continue to craft quality products and support developing economies without sacrificing our ethics in the process.

Are your products vegan?

Many of them are, but we do use beeswax from our own hives (which are responsibly and organically managed). Our scrubs and lip balms all contain beeswax and our Milk Mask contains powdered goat milk. Our other masks, essential oil rollers, beard oil & serum are vegan.  Our soap is now 100% vegan. We are transparent about the ingredients in our products and they can all be viewed on their individual product pages.

Why 'Stonebridge'?

We are asked a lot about the origins of our name, and the location that it refers to. Stonebridge is not so much a place to us but a place in time. It represents the point in life when this dream began, many years ago. It defines what our dream was and is: Balance, togetherness and passion.


How do I know your products are safe?

The handcrafted products we sell, including soap, are classified by Health Canada as cosmetics. Due to this classification, we are required by law to register our ingredients and formulas with Health Canada to ensure the safety of the finished product. 

Sodium hydroxide (lye) is used in creating our soap. Lye can be dangerous if used improperly - Because of this, we ph test each of our soap batches to ensure they are skin safe and ready to use before making them available for sale. 

As with any cosmetic product we recommend caution when trying products, especially if you have had adverse reactions to cosmetics in the past. If you have a reaction and aren't sure what caused it, discontinue use and seek medical attention at your discretion. That said, we test our products on ourselves and have full confidence you will love them as much as we do!

How do you package your soap? Do you offer a package free option?

Our soap bars are now being sold 'naked', with no plastic wrapping. 
We adhere to a strict labeling regulation mandated by Health Canada. For us to offer cosmetic products (which in Canada includes soap) without such a label would to be in violation of the law. 

You may find some bars of soap wrapped in biodegradable polyolefin in some of our retail locations, for their protection.

Our masks, scrubs and body cremes are packaged in plastic jars which are hand washable, reusable and recyclable. 

Our shampoo bars and bath bombs are wrapped in biodegradable polyolefin.