Product update coming end of September 2020 - Thanks for your patience!
Product update coming end of September 2020 - Thanks for your patience!
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Why use our shampoo bars?

Think all shampoo bars are created equal? They aren't! There are very good reasons that ours are priced higher than our competition (including our mall brand competitors).

Many shampoo bars are being sold for $10 - or less. These bars will clean your hair, but won't leave it in better condition than it was when you used your regular bottle shampoo.

For example, the #1 ingredient in most shampoo bars is SLS, or 'Sodium Lauryl Sulfate', a harsh and drying synthetic ingredient.

You may also see soap companies selling 'cold process' shampoo bars, made with the same methods as soap. These bars are not ph balanced for your hair and cause the folicle to stand up, creating a rough and tangled feeling. To counter this, you'll often be encouraged to use a vinegar rinse which counters the ph of the 'shampoo' (soap) and helps smooth your hair shaft before conditioning.

Our bars are a minimum of 3 ounces in weight, and our mall competitors are less than 2 ounces. Ours are over 50% larger!

Our bars are completely free of harsh synthetics such as SLS. Ours contain high quality conditioning ingredients such as silk and oat protein, honeyquat and vitamin B5 (DL-Panthenol), ingredients you may see in high end bottles of shampoo. When you consider that these don't come in the wasteful plastic bottle of conventional shampoo, but last up to three months on medium length hair, the value is clear!